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About Business and IT Planning

If IT Planning is to succeed, it must align seamlessly with an organisation’s immediate and long-term business goals. What truly elevates a Business and IT planning service is when the client is empowered at every stage of the process; confident about their investment in the proposed solution and the way it is deployed.

Consultel Solutions’ broad range of Business and IT Planning services enables the client to determine the most optimal ICT or digital technology strategy, including development of target architectures, risk planning, technology roadmaps, organisation structure and programs of work.

Why Business and IT Planning?

Our expert consulting and advisory services provide IT and digital technology reviews and strategies to improve IT reliability, performance and security.



As a product neutral services company, we can assist with your technology evaluation process to ensure your best interests come first and the optimal solution is selected.

Business & ROI


We assess customers' existing systems and processes and focus on ways to give you better IT reliability, performance and security to boost your operational outcomes.


& Growth

We specialise in IT project management and will support you with our best practice and agile delivery methods to ensure sustainable growth.



Using experienced consultants to help plan your IT roadmap will support your brand positioning and give you an edge over your competitors.

How it works

Our Business and IT Planning Services practice is focused around the strategy, design and development of organisational ICT and digital strategies.

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Consulting Practice

Our consulting practice is focused on assisting customers with the development of their ICT and digital technologies.

We provide customers with strategic ICT advice so they can plan ahead with confidence. We also provide technology trend analysis, guidance on adoption of digital technologies and investment roadmaps.

Business systems and platforms reviews

Assist in the development of corporate policies

Procurement – assistance and management of approaches to market for new technology

business it planning

Advisory Practice

Taking the guesswork out of ICT planning and digital strategies. Consultel Solutions provides expert advisory to organizations and government agencies in all manner of ICT planning and strategic advice. We have capability in:

  • Development of ICT Strategies
  • Development of Digital Technology programs
  • Assistance with procurement planning and approach to market activity
  • Guidance on technology selection and tender management
  • Preparation of programs of work
  • Multiyear roadmaps
  • Investment planning

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