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Consultel Solutions is a key provider to government business and is a pre-qualified supplier to many federal and state government panels. We have significant experience delivering high quality professional ICT services primarily to Emergency Services Organisations (ESOs).

Increasing availability of digital technologies has tremendous potential to improve Australia’s emergency service systems. It signals a transformation in the way government, agencies, businesses and communities can plan for, withstand, respond to and recover from emergencies. Government departments seeking to harness this technology to best protect the public interest, require the help of a technology partner who can be entrusted with such a far-reaching and important responsibility.

Our Capabilities

Consultel Solutions has developed strong relationships with various government departments, is a provider to government business, plus a prequalified supplier to many federal and state government panels. We have demonstrable project experience in delivering professional ICT services to ESOs.

ICT Strategies &

Business Cases

We collaboration with customer stakeholders to develop an enterprise ITC strategy that complements their current and future operations requirements.

Reviews &


System/Network reviews and audits, risk assessments, due diligence processes (for infrastructure expansion or company acquisition or sale) and operational health audits.



Management of tender processes for ICT system or service acquisition, tender evaluation and project management, to ensure the optimal solutions is selected.



Development of functional and technical specifications for system of service procurement

Statement of

Work (SOW)

SOW specialist resources across key areas of ICT and engineering

Dedicated Account


On the ground Account Management representation. This team focuses exclusively on supporting the customer resourcing requirements, including; Turnaround time, Offer solutions for pipeline projects to add value, Improved collaboration.

Project and Transition


We don’t just consult on the best use of technology; we deliver turnkey services through the customer-centric 4D methodology.



Consultel Solutions has a solid communications/telecommunications industry background, with extensive experience building long standing partnerships. Our approach has evolved as the industry requirements have changed.

EAP4: The Department of Justice via Telstra

EAP4 is being built as Australia’s National Emergency Alert System. It will issue warnings to landline telephones and mobile phones linked to registered service addresses (properties and houses), or mobile phones registered to towers that are located in geographical areas affected by an emergency.

Consultel Solutions and our partner Everbridge Inc. have been selected to provide the EAP4 application, which sits at the core of the solution and provides the ability for state governments to issue alerts to communities under threat.

How we’re providing this solution

  • Software which will enable the user to prepare and issue a campaign (community alert)
  • Interfaces to carrier location based services for the purposes of locating mobile subscribers in a threat area
  • Project management of the development, customisation and testing of the supplied software
  • Engineering services to build and test the EAP4 software
  • User Training and manuals
  • Ongoing support of the software supplied

The outcome

The work Consultel Solutions is providing will help keep Australians safe during threats to public safety, including natural disasters such as fire, flood, cyclone, tsunami, along with terrorist events such as active shooter or civil unrest. EAP4 is planned to go live in July 2020 and operate well into the next decade. More information regarding Emergency Alert can be found at


The Department of Justice
Review of the Emergency Alert System

A national emergency alert system has been built which will alert land lines and mobile phones that are within geographic areas as determined by emergency services agencies around Australia of an emergency condition.  The Emergency Alert system was one of the recommendations that came out of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire royal commission.

The text of the alert is designed by the agency that has designated the emergency and only sent to those users contained within the geographic area drawn by the emergency agency.

The Victorian Department of Justice has on behalf of all emergency organisations in Australia contracted Telstra to build the system which takes information feeds from Optus, Vodafone and its own fixed and mobile networks.

The service contract ended in December 2015 and DoJ commissioned Consultel to undertake a review of the Emergency Alert facility to help inform it once negotiations began for the contract renewal.

Consultel won the consultancy in a competitive environment and proposed a six stage review process that would provide the considerations necessary to be able to make the assessment.

NSW Telco Authority
Review of the NSW GRNS Tender Documentation

The NSW Government Radio Network (GRN) is owned by the NSW state Government and controlled and managed by the Authority. The GRN covers approximately one third of the state of NSW and most of ACT, which equates to around 265,000 square kilometres, making the NSW GRN one of the largest trunked radio systems in the world.  Consultel Solutions was retained by the NSW Telco Authority to undertake a review of the tender documentation that they have developed for the upgrade of the GRN.  Consultel Solutions reviewed the complete tender documentation and made a number of key recommendations which were accepted by the client.

nsw telco

The Department of Justice
Independent Validation and Verification Agency (IV&V) for the Metropolitan Mobile Radio (MMR) Network

Motorola was awarded a $160M contract to build, own and operate an ASTRO® 25 advanced digital communications network for emergency services in the State of Victoria.

The project was managed for the State by the Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications.

The new system meets the Project 25 standard for public safety and digital communications.  The Project 25 Standard ensures enhanced functionality of public safety communications, equipment and capabilities, as well as effective, efficient and reliable intra-and inter-agency communications.  The new Motorola ASTRO 25 includes the following features:

Enhance security of communications through digital encryption;

  • Improve portable radio coverage in difficult locations, such as tunnels and basement car parks;
  • Improve indoor radio coverage in major buildings and shopping centres;
  • Improve voice quality so that communications are clearer;
  • Provide enough channel capacity and flexibility for major events such as the Commonwealth Games 2006 and the World Economic Forum; and
  • Provide interoperability or direct communications among agencies to allow better coordination.

Consultel Solution’s role in this major infrastructure project was as an independent Validation and Verification Agency (IV&V) for the project.  The IV&V role was funded equally by Motorola and the Government of Victoria and all reports and recommendation from the IV&V were provided to both parties.  The role required Consultel to witness test equipment calibration processes, monitor a minimum sample of 10% of the total RF coverage testing both in vehicles and within buildings and to ensure that all testing aspects of the network were being completed to our satisfaction.

Independent Due Diligence of ISGN Design and Testing

VicTrack was awarded the contract to design, procure, test and commission a Victorian Government data network (iGSN) to provide a method of delivering cost effective, high bandwidth data network services for a number of tier one Victorian Government Departments.

The design utilised Fibre optic cable to all sites, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment to nominated locations and included design, staging, installation and vendor maintenance and an IP/MPLS core. The iGSN project had two goals:

1.Provide IP-MPLS services of highly available bandwidth connecting the Government’s data centres; and

2.Provide IP-MPLS services connecting nominated Victorian Government locations within the Melbourne CBD.

As part of their quality process, prior to handover of the new iGSN, VicTrack commissioned Consultel Solutions to independently assess the:

  • Completeness and reasonableness of the design of the network;
  • Completeness and reasonableness of the network acceptance plan; and
  • The robustness and completeness of the outcomes of the network acceptance tests.

Consultel Soltutions completed all elements of the quality process as required by the client, on time and on budget and the iGSN was successfully tested and handed over to the Victorian Government.

victrack@600 1

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